Cloud computing

The Beta Tech advantage

  • IT-investment savings, plus time, space, material and IT-labour savings.
  • Easy and ultra-fast remote access.
  • IT recovery plan customized to your needs and challenges.
  • Automatic application updates throughout the network.
  • Full data backup according to your needs.
  • Technical support available 24/7/365 from our Bermuda, Montreal and Toronto offices.

Cloud computing solutions

Our cloud computing services mean you no longer have to worry about your IT infrastructure. Our secure, high-performance, user-friendly cloud computing technology is tailored to your needs and can adapt to your company’s growth.

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Disaster Recovery

To avoid a catastrophic loss of data, offsite backups are critical. With Beta Tech’s remote backup solution, you can supplement or even replace your existing backup technology with safe, reliable and secure storage.

Traditional tape-based backups are not only slow and inflexible, but also require human intervention – to make sure your data is actually available when you need it, track your inventory of archived tapes, and ensure that tapes never fall into the wrong hands.

While local disk-based backups fix a lot of these issues you may experience, they leave you vulnerable to any physical disaster that may occur.

Easily scalable
Why pay for more storage than you need? Purchase what you need now, and if your needs grow tomorrow, we’ll expand your capacity the same day.
High reliability RAID arrays for your data
Our system is monitored 24/7/365 and runs on highly redundant RAID arrays in our enterprise-class data centre. That means zero chance of data loss.
Our remote storage server drive setup ensures maximum write AND read performance for your backups and restores.
Highly secured
We provide a completely isolated virtual drive for each of our clients.
Dedicated fibre or an IPSec VPN tunnel connects to our remote storage server.
Thanks to our continuous monitoring of your infrastructure, Beta Tech will be alerted to and able to resolve any potential problems before they can affect your data.
Simple management
Your storage is presented as a simple iSCSI LUN to your backup server – no troublesome interfaces or software to install.