Cyber security awareness training

The most powerful way to protect your organization from cyber threats is to create a culture of cybersecurity to promote cyber and data security. The BETA TECH Security Awareness Program will help your business do just that.

With cybercrime as the fastest growing crime in the world, employees are the last line of defense as the “human firewall”. Even with a layered IT security approach of firewalls, anti-malware, mobile device management and web content filtering a simple click on a malicious link, attachment or website can expose your business to catastrophe.

BETA TECH Cybersecurity training provides the following benefits:

  • Easily incorporated in to new employee onboarding process so employees aren’t left to their own defense until the annual, in-person training occurs.
  • Self-paced learning improves retention.
  • Attendee certificates provide a permanent record of not only attending but passing assessments to meet legal, regulatory compliance requirements.
  • Full Cyber Security Awareness Course & Micro Trainings
  • Individual Employee training portal and dashboard
  • Employee Cyber Security Reminders & Cyber Security Newsletters