Infrastructure Management

Infrastructure management

With our infrastructure-management services, we not only protect your data, we also ensure your network’s optimal performance. By entrusting us with all your infrastructure-management tasks, you save valuable resources, time and money. You can then apply all these savings toward your top priority: your company’s growth.

Servers and workstations

Beta Tech can manage all your servers and workstations. Being able to rely on high-performance IT tools automatically improves your productivity.

Network management

Experienced and qualified technicians will manage your network. We implement solutions that improve your productivity by enhancing communications between your sites and minimizing downtimes.

Servers and Workstations

The BETA TECH advantage

  • Reliable and regularly updated workstations.
  • Microsoft, Apple and Linux experts.
  • Optimized performance that increases productivity.
  • Remote problem-solving and preventive measures that save time and money.
  • Technical support available 24/7/365 from our Bermuda, Montreal and Toronto offices.

Proactive system management for optimal performance

To ensure they perform optimally, Windows, Mac OS and Linux operating systems are constantly updated and upgraded. Because Beta Tech stays abreast of these updates, having us manage your servers and workstations ensures your IT systems are always reliable.

Beta Tech provides continuous monitoring of your systems, to prevent problems before they arise and save you time. While your employees do their work, in the background your Beta Tech team will take care of updating your software, running your antivirus applications, increasing your hard drive space and remotely managing your servers and workstations. And should there ever be a glitch, Beta Tech provides you with immediate technical assistance 24/7/365.

Network Management

The BETA TECH advantage

  • Extensive experience: with over 100 clients with two to 125 computers each, we’ve seen it all!
  • Continuous network monitoring, analysis and optimization.
  • Optimal network operations to reduce downtimes and increase productivity.
  • Frequent analyses and updates for access to the best available technology.

Experienced technicians will manage your network and implement solutions that enhance communications between your sites, minimize downtimes and improve productivity.

A high-performance, cutting-edge network

To help you avoid downtime and preserve productivity levels, we are meticulous. Your servers, workstations and phones? Beta Tech will maintain everything that makes them run at all of your work sites, so you can enjoy optimal network performance.

At Beta Tech, we provide you the latest technological advancements – our computer technicians and network architects design, implement, manage and upgrade your networks.

Already have a network? Our extensive IT asset-management experience allows us to handle any structure, no matter how complex. By saving your settings and continuously monitoring your infrastructure’s performance, we prevent potential problems. Rest easy and rely on optimal performance with Beta Tech.


The BETA TECH advantage

  • Continuous monitoring to catch problems before they occur.
  • Optimal network performance at all times.
  • Considerable time and cost savings through regular infrastructure maintenance.
  • User-friendly online monitoring tools so you can easily check your network’s status.

Infrastructure monitoring and real-time analysis services are the foundation of our IT outsourcing services. We maximize your productivity by detecting and preventing problems before they arise.

Continuous monitoring for optimal network performance

Do you have computer technicians analyzing and checking the status of your infrastructures as you read this? Enjoy improved security by outsourcing your IT monitoring to avoid downtimes and optimize productivity levels. Beta Tech detects potential IT problems before they occur, saving you stress, time and money.

Beta Tech focuses on the back end of your business, so you can focus on the front – growing your company. Our proactive approach ensures data security and redundancy, infrastructure efficiency, and all other IT-related elements (temperature, moisture levels, network, query-reception delay, etc.). We compile and analyze the results constantly, making it easy to catch and correct any system glitches quickly. Then we follow up with preventive measures to ensure you never experience the same problem twice.

Security Management

The BETA TECH advantage

  • Regular updates that guarantee optimal security.
  • High-performance solutions that protect your network and infrastructures from hackers, identity thieves and other potential threats, including internal ones (information theft).
  • Continuous surveillance of your security tools for optimal performance.
  • Skilled technicians and engineers who analyze your network and equip it with the latest solutions.

To keep your work environment safe from viruses and malware, we manage your IT infrastructure meticulously.

Regular updates for maximum security

Is your IT network configured securely? You’d be surprised how quickly hackers and identity thieves can detect holes, take advantage, and cause you a major headache. Beta Tech ensures your peace of mind by managing your IT to prevent potential problems caused by viruses, malware, and cyber crime syndicates. Our engineers will analyze your network for potential weaknesses and provide you optimal solutions, constantly monitoring and updating to cover the latest hacker techniques.


The BETA TECH advantage

  • Skilled technicians who are available by phone 24/7/365.
  • Dedicated specialists who know your network and can solve problems quickly.
  • Effective and affordable technical support that dramatically reduces downtimes.

Our IT outsourcing services include effective remote technical support available at all times.

Maximize your productivity with our remote technical support

Without optimal IT, your company can’t perform. But between all your operating systems and platforms constantly upgrading and cyber criminals continuously innovating, even regular system checks can’t prevent every hiccup. Having expert help a phone call away is the ultimate insurance.

The same Beta Tech team that monitors your network’s status and updates to keep it performing optimally is also available for around-the-clock assistance.

For 24/7/365 expert remote technical support, contact Beta Tech.

On Site

The BETA TECH advantage

  • Highly skilled and certified technicians available 24/7/365.
  • Experts who know your network and can solve problems quickly and efficiently.
  • On-site technical support for proactive solutions that fit your needs.
  • Effective and affordable solutions that significantly reduce downtimes.

When remote assistance just won’t do, Beta Tech will send a technician to your offices for prompt support and proactive, tailored IT solutions.

Proactive, adapted solutions with our on-site technical support

At Beta Tech, we consider your productivity a measure of our success. And to be productive, YOUR company needs IT support that knows YOU. Experienced technicians will visit your workplace to become familiar with your IT environment and assess its risk potential. Then, should a problem arise, they are that much faster at providing quick, tailored solutions.

Want on-site technical support and proactive solutions tailored to your needs? Contact us.

Virtual CTO

The BETA TECH advantage

  • Experts who ensure optimal IT infrastructure performance at a fraction of a typical CTO’s salary.
  • Experienced professionals who manage your IT services, so you can enjoy peace of mind.
  • A resource person who understands your IT vision.
  • Professionals who are on top of market requirements, software products and available solutions.

At the heart of our IT services, the virtual chief technology officer (CTO) will make your strategic vision a reality. Skilled and equipped to meet your industry’s requirements, the virtual CTO knows all there is to know about the necessities and available solutions regarding your field of activity.

A virtual CTO for optimal IT management at all times

Is hiring a Chief Technology Officer beyond your company’s budget? Are you worried outsourcing this job is, too? It isn’t. Your virtual CTO services provide you this resource essential to developing your business at a fraction of the usual cost.

By providing you a CTO – whether for a short-term strategy or long-term infrastructure management – Beta Tech can become your IT department. Your Beta Tech CTO ensures your network is always at peak performance, providing you the peace of mind you desire – and deserve.

A good CTO…
  • Is strategic.
  • Has perfect knowledge of your industry and the challenges and technologies related to your field.
  • Is a visionary.
  • Has a keen business sense.
  • Is results-oriented.

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Management of IT suppliers

The BETA TECH advantage

  • Extensive experience: with over 100 clients with two to 125 computers each, we’ve seen it all.
  • A team of experts fluent in IT vocabulary, dedicated to maximizing the services you pay for.
  • A single point of contact for all your IT service providers (Internet, phone, applications, video surveillance, alarm systems, etc.).

Get the most out of your services

Like any specialized field, IT has its own vocabulary and jargon. Our experienced account managers and engineers can handle this IT-speak for you, leaving you to concentrate on your business. By negotiating with all your IT suppliers for you, then acting as your single point of contact for them all, Beta Tech provides you with the support you need to succeed.

Want to get the most out of your services by letting experts handle IT provider negotiations? Contact us.